Bringing the Lakewood community together.



To foster increased vitality of the Madison Avenue business community, by supporting the community of existing businesses, and attracting new ones. The ULBA promotes greater visibility and influence of the area by holding community events and strengthening interaction between businesses and the Lakewood community.



The Uptown Lakewood area runs along Madison Avenue in Lakewood, OH from Warren to Riverside

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The ULBA has three major goals:

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Increase interaction and collaboration between businesses in the Uptown Lakewood community.

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Act as a collective voice for the Uptown Lakewood community and communicate their thoughts to the city more broadly.

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Host events that bring the people of our community together to support local business, art, and culture


Our Story

The Uptown Lakewood Business Alliance was formed in 2007, and has been working for the businesses on Madison since its conception. In the last couple of years, the ULBA has focused on making sure Madison Avenue remains beautiful through flower boxes and mulching.In the past, the ULBA has hosted street events and car shows, participated in the Scarecrow Festival, and worked to better Madison Avenue for all.

Current Officers

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Carol Barrett


Carol Lynn's Salon Plus


Jodi Barnes


Dollar Bank

In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.

In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.


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