Bringing the Lakewood community together.



To foster increased vitality of the Madison Avenue business community, by supporting the community of existing businesses, and attracting new ones. The ULBA promotes greater visibility and influence of the area by holding community events and strengthening interaction between businesses and the Lakewood community.



The Uptown Lakewood area runs along Madison Avenue in Lakewood, OH from Warren to Riverside

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The ULBA has three major goals:

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Increase interaction and collaboration between businesses in the Uptown Lakewood community.

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Act as a collective voice for the Uptown Lakewood community and communicate their thoughts to the city more broadly.

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Host events that bring the people of our community together to support local business, art, and culture


Business Spotlight

Matthew's Lending Library

Matthew's Lending Library is a not-for-profit organization that provides adapted/therapy equipment to children and young adults with special needs.  Established as a living tribute to the memory of Matthew James McCarthy, a beloved child living with special needs who passed away at the age of eight, Matthew's Lending Library is based on the belief that children and young adults with special needs have the right to explore their environment and to function as independently as they are able.  

Adapted therapy equipment is a vital and necessary element in the proper development of children with challenges.  This equipment helps to enable our children to strive for independence, promote physical strength, provide supportive means of proper positioning, improve self esteem and make it easier for peer interaction.  Due to high cost and lack of availability, this equipment is frequently not available to those in true need.  Imagine, if you will, trying to safely bathe a child who cannot support himself while sitting.  A challenge?  You bet!  A simple solution is to use a bath chair that offers total body support, but the simple solution becomes less so when you attach a $400.00 price tag.  This cost is compounded by the fact that most children will progress through three differently sized bath chairs during their growing years.  

This is why Matthew's Lending Library is here and why we need your help.  Our enrollment includes over 450 children who range in age from infancy through young adult.  They come from all over Northeast Ohio and all share the need of utilizing adapted equipment to reach their full potential.  Our adaptive equipment lending program includes inventory that assists children with sitting, standing, ambulating, feeding, communication, transporting, playing and recreation.  

Matthew's Lending Library is supported totally through the raising of funds.  We do not receive federal funding of any kind.  Through donations and grant awards, we strive to provide families with adaptive equipment necessary for their child's continued development, safety, enjoyment and everyday comfort. You are invited to visit our website: for more detailed information or enrollment.

Matthew's Lending Library

15528 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH


Vicki L. McCarthy, Founding Executive Director


Our Story

The Uptown Lakewood Business Alliance was formed in 2007, and has been working for the businesses on Madison since its conception. In the last couple of years, the ULBA has focused on making sure Madison Avenue remains beautiful through flower boxes and mulching.In the past, the ULBA has hosted street events and car shows, participated in the Scarecrow Festival, and worked to better Madison Avenue for all.

Current Officers

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Carol Barrett


Carol Lynn's Salon Plus


Jodi Barnes


Dollar Bank

In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.

In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.


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