Bringing the Lakewood community together.



To foster increased vitality of the Madison Avenue business community, by supporting the community of existing businesses, and attracting new ones. The ULBA promotes greater visibility and influence of the area by holding community events and strengthening interaction between businesses and the Lakewood community.



The Uptown Lakewood area runs along Madison Avenue in Lakewood, OH from Warren to Riverside

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The ULBA has three major goals:

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Increase interaction and collaboration between businesses in the Uptown Lakewood community.

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Act as a collective voice for the Uptown Lakewood community and communicate their thoughts to the city more broadly.

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Host events that bring the people of our community together to support local business, art, and culture


Business Spotlight


The Lakewood Music Collective is proud to offer music lessons, therapy, and services to our community! Established in January 2018, The LMC is a music studio shaped to be organized, personable, high-caliber, and most of all FUN. Whether our clients participate in music lessons, therapy sessions, ensembles, masterclasses, repair services, or just stops by for a new pack of strings, they are sure to leave better prepared and ready for more!

We are qualified and eager to help you with any musical education or service you are looking for. Our instructors all hold degrees in music (some at the graduate level), have a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience (with positive results), and are extremely active as performers at a professional level (locally as well as nationally). All lessons and programs at The Lakewood Music Collective focus on technical skills, general musical knowledge/theory, programmatic and historical elements, performance, repertoire - and of course HAVING FUN WITH MUSIC!

Our recent addition of board-certified music therapist, Emily Zeitz MT-BC, propels The LMC into the realm of evidenced-based and clinical music services to address many goals. Whether our clients need individual therapy, group therapy, or simply want to find enjoyment in life through music, we can help! Our music therapist has experience working with all ages and varying abilities. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of music therapy to promote wellness, manage stress and pain, promote physical rehabilitation, improve communication and cognitive skills, and more! If you or someone you know might benefit from music therapy services, contact The LMC for a beginning assessment! 

Guitar Luthier, Kurt Wright, is a fretted instrument repair guru and a local repair legend! Mr. Wright's expertise has been honed knowing how an instrument should actually play, and keeping such instruments in good structural repair. Restorations, re-frets, and any work involved with making an instrument play correctly are his specialties. With the assistance of Master Woodworker and Instrument builder Guy Hlynowsky, and the magnificent artistry of paint-man Norm Issaac, there's not much that cannot be accomplished in this professional shop. Mr. Wright advocates the installation of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System on any electric guitars. This system represents the best advancements that Mr. Wright has come across in all his years of playing fretted instruments. Mr. Wright is also working on seminars regarding instrument care & maintenance; The LMC will soon be offering a course to those interested in performing regular maintenance on their own instruments.

The LMC caters to all levels, all ages, all styles of music and has the tools, training, and experience to have the maximum impact. So, when looking for the highest quality musical instruction, The Lakewood Music Collective is the clear choice.

You are invited to visit our website: for more detailed information and enrollment.

The Lakewood Music Collective, LLC.

16426 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH


Christopher E. S. Parsons, Controlling Member


Our Story

The Uptown Lakewood Business Alliance was formed in 2007, and has been working for the businesses on Madison since its conception. In the last couple of years, the ULBA has focused on making sure Madison Avenue remains beautiful through flower boxes and mulching.In the past, the ULBA has hosted street events and car shows, participated in the Scarecrow Festival, and worked to better Madison Avenue for all.

Current Officers

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Carol Barrett


Carol Lynn's Salon Plus


Jodi Barnes


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In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.

In collaboration with LakewoodAlive.


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